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Welcome To the
Recycle Collective

the recycle collective is a monthly live music night hosted by Steve Lawson , featuring a host of amazing musicians - including Theo Travis, Orphy Robinson, Leo Abrahams, BJ Cole, Cleveland Watkiss and many more - at Darbucka World Music Bar, and occasionally at The Vortex in Dalston, London.

- the monthly nights are back! September's gig at the Vortex with Cleveland Watkiss and Andrea Hazell was wonderful, and the next one will be on October 30th at Darbucka, with Patrick Wood and Roy Dodds.

Why recycle? Much of the music we make is based on real-time audio looping - music that is played live, looped and played back to be layered, processed, faded, reversed and generally messed about with. None of it is pre-recorded. We just take the things that are happening there and then and recycle them!